Seminar held to enhance cooperation between NJU and China’s major media agencies

On May 19, a seminar on media cooperation took place at Nanjing University’s Xianlin Campus. The seminar aims to expand the comprehensive “multi-channel” collaboration and foster a stronger university-media partnership between NJU and various major media agencies in China.

20 prominent media agencies in China participated in the seminar, including central media agencies such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Media Group, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, China Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China Youth Daily, People’s Daily Online, Xinhua Net, and CCTV.COM; provincial and municipal news agencies such as Xinhua Daily, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, Nanjing Daily, and Nanjing Broadcasting System; and new media platforms like ThePaper.cn, Tencent, Sina.com, Zhihu.com, and IFeng.com.

During the seminar, NJU and the aforementioned media agencies signed a memorandum on comprehensive cooperation. Furthermore, a joint “Proposal for Telling the China Story”, initiated by NJU and strongly supported by these agencies, was released. The Proposal envision the cooperation between NJU and media to tell the China Story well by grasping the “core” of the China Story, constructing a “repository” of such stories, and expanding the “multi-channel” approach to the telling of the story.

The seminar consisted of two sessions: “Telling the story of education, technology and talents” and “Strengthening university-media cooperation.” Media representatives analyzed the ongoing development of mass media, discussed the importance of adapting to the Internet era, and expressed their desire to establish a long-term mechanism for enhanced all-media communication with NJU. They hoped to collaborate, innovate, and collectively improve communication methods with NJU.

Tan Tieniu, Academician of CAS and Secretary of the CPC NJU, expressed gratitude to the media for their continuous support on behalf of NJU. He appreciated their insightful advice and welcome them to visit NJU more frequently to explore the unique charm and innovative vitality of the university. He hoped that both sides will join hands to deepen the cooperation.

Tan Zheming, Academician of CAS and President of NJU, also attended the seminar. The seminar was chaired by Zou Yajun, Standing Member of CPC NJU Committee and Vice President. The seminar was also attended by representatives from relevant offices, schools and departments of NJU, as well as representatives from the media.

Writer: Guo Ankang

Editor: Chen Xing

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