Nanjing University and Nanjing City deepen cooperation

On May 18, Nanjing University and the Municipal Government of Nanjing City jointly held a forum to enhance university-city cooperation. During the Forum, the parties signed a series of agreements to deepen their cooperation

Key attendees included Tan Tieniu, Academician of CAS and Secretary of CPC NJU Committee, Tan Zhemin, Academician of CAS, Deputy Secretary of CPC NJU Committee and President of NJU, and Han Liming, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Nanjing Committee. Chen Zhichang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Nanjing Committee and Mayor of Nanjing, presided over the meeting.

Tan Tieniu expressed gratitude to the Nanjing Municipal Government for its longstanding support to the university. He emphasized NJU’s commitment to serving the country, the people, and fostering a thriving local community. The university’s aspiration to become a globally influential institution is complemented by its commitment to the local community. In the future, NJU will contribute to Nanjing’s high-quality development by providing exceptional talent, scientific and technological support, and intellectual contribution. 

On behalf of the municipal government, Han Liming extended warm congratulations to NJU on its upcoming 121st anniversary, highlighting the university’s national prominence in higher education and scientific research and its integral role in driving the high-quality development of Nanjing City. Han Liming expressed the Nanjing’s commitment to deepening and expanding the collaboration between Nanjing University and the City on prioritizing education as well as science and technology development, and on talent cultivation. Together, the two will embark on a new journey, leading the way in high-quality development and forging towards progress.

Tan Zhemin, in his presentation on the theme of “Working together to advance cooperation between Nanjing University and Nanjing City,” highlighted the university’s vision for deepening collaboration with industries. NJU has consistently served Nanjing City, actively supporting the city’s aspirations to become a national hub for innovation with exceptional talents, disciplines, platforms, and achievements.

Professor Nie Yuefeng from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Nanjing University shared his insights on how scholars can contribute to the development of the local community.

Sun Jianning, Professor at the School of Atmospheric Sciences, NJU, delivered a presentation on the collaboration between industry, academia, and research, showcasing new models of research and development institution.

The Forum also launched the “3rd Nanjing University Global Alumni Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.”

The 2023 Nanjing Talent Day was officially inaugurated at the forum. Tan Tieniu, Tan Zhemin, Han Liming, Chen Zhichang, Guo Zijian, Academician of CAS and Professor at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, NJU, along with faculty and student representatives Miao Feng, Wang Tingting, and Yang Yukun, jointly launched the 2023 Nanjing Talent Day. The establishment of Nanjing Talent Day on May 18th each year is a significant initiative to accelerate the development of Nanjing as a talent-friendly as well as talent-reliant city in the new era.

During the Forum, the “Jiangsu Province Association for Talents in Photonics Chip Research” and the “Nanjing University Research Institute of Carbon Neutrality” were inaugurated by Wang Zhenlin, Standing Member of CPC NJU Committee and Vice President of NJU, and Jiang Yuejian, Standing Member and Secretary-general of CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee.

Lu Yanqing, Vice President of Nanjing University, and Wu Wei, Vice Mayor of Nanjing signed a strategic cooperation agreement between the NJU and Nanjing. 

Zhang Junfeng, Standing Member of CPC NJU Committee and Vice President of NJU, signed contracts of key cooperation projects with representatives from Nanjing Jiangbei New Area, Pukou District, Gulou District, and Qixia District.

Prior to the Forum, the attendees visited NJU’s deep space exploration laboratory, the 2023 NJU graduates’ special job fair, and a themed exhibition on the cooperation between universities and local communities.

The forum was also attended by various officials from the Nanjing Municipal Government and representatives from Nanjing University, related projects and the press.

Writer: Guo Ankang

Editor: Chen Xing

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