NJU faculty wins National Teaching Competition

In the sixth National Teaching Competition for Young Teachers in Higher Education, NJU’s Zhang Ming from the College of Marxism and Shao Jiade from the Department of Philosophy won the first prize in the ideology and politics course group and liberal arts group respectively.

The competition is organized in the preliminaries and the finals, involving five course groups, namely liberal arts, science, engineering, medicine, and ideology and politics. Each participant is required to submit a syllabus, a teaching design plan covering 16 class hours, and corresponding PowerPoints. During the finals, they are asked to teach one section from the course and then write their reflections on their teaching. Seven judges give scores on the design, teaching and reflections. 5 first prizes and 10 second prizes are awarded to each course group respectively.

Xue Hailin, Deputy Secretary of the CPC NJU Committee, Zhang Junfeng, Standing Member of the CPC NJU Committee and Vice President of NJU, and Wang Shouren, NJU University Distinguished Professor and “National Excellent Teacher” title holder, offered guidance to the NJU candidates during their preparations for the competition.

Translator: Wang Chaozheng

Editors: Chen Xing, He Yao

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